Belgrade Gardens Ins.

Belgrade Gardens is a family owned restaurant, that is currently under the ownership of Kosta Papica, a son-in-law, and Sophia Papich, a daughter, of Mike and Smiljka Topolsky, the original owners. Milos Papich, a son of Kosta and Sophia, is the restaurant’s chief manager who alongside his wife, Maja, and other employees is responsible for the most recent success and popularity of Belgrade Gardens.

At Belgrade Gardens providing excellent customer service and maintaining persistency in food taste that customers are used to, while working as a team is a realized mission statement valued the most. Long-lasting history, tradition, persistence in taste and service is what makes Belgrade Gardens one genuinely unique, must-visit restaurant in the United States.

Thursday, February 10, 2011



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why customer isn't always right

You may think that because someone is in business, such as a restaurant, where providing customer service is essential to survival and success of that business, they must always please and yield towards the customer satisfaction. This, however, is not so. Holding this position does not necessarily say that customer is never right, but only that customer is not right at all times.
We all know the goal is to provide an excellent service, so that we would have returning customers which hopefully would spread the word and attract more customers. This is an ideal situation by which a customer and an employer would benefit the most. Realistically speaking, not everyone can be pleased. That is, there are always going to be those customers who complain, complain and complain. They don't necessarily have to be dissatisfied with the service or product, they just might be having a bad day, week, month, year, or a life.
What people, and by people here I mean customers, need to understand is that they themselves are making a choice where they eat, shop, and what they are paying for. It is also understandable that you as a customer should get your moneys worth, and nothing more than that. To elucidate this point, if you go out to eat and menu is given to you from which you make your selection being aware of the price of whatever you're buying, do not complain about that price afterwards. Customers, also be aware that you will be charged for what you consume. What sense does it make to complain about a dinner plate being horrible, after you cleaned the plate or are taking your leftovers home.
What you as a customer have to accept is that you cannot always be right. The chances are that people working at the place where you purchase your goods, know more about that place than you do. Do not make a fool out of yourself by appealing to false facts, emotions or your insanity. If you used to dine in at the same place since you were a child, back in 1950's, please don't be too surprised that you can't buy a meal for a quarter. Customers please understand that we do feel bad that your aunt who's in the hospital recovering from a cardiac surgery and we're astonished the first thing that she wants is some Belgrade's chicken, but we cannot give you a discount for that. In fact, we should warn you that grease does not unclog the arteries. Screaming and shouting insults while pacing back and forth the lobby will not get you a free meal or your dollar back, but an invitation to the back of the cop car or if you're lucky an admission to the asylum.
These are just some among many reasons why customer not just isn't but cannot always be right.